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To my love, my life, my soul mate
He joined our son on May 3, 2007

~Love In the Wind~

Riding against the wind along the shore,
that we had walked so many times before.
Feeling the wind in my hair, and the beating of my heart,
I ache to be in your arms once more.

The coolness wraps around me,
Knowing your loving arms will never hold me again.
Horse's hoove's beating upon the sand,
Play the song of the love I have for my man.

But no more, never,....never again
You're gone my darling,
Lonely and crying,,,I ride upon the sand.
Feeling your presence in the wind,
Feeling we are one again.

Ride with the wind, Ride hard,
Feel the beat of the hooves upon the sand,
Yes, we are one again. love is forever yours.

poem created
by KELLY 1

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Ironically Created on 12/29/00 when he started to get so sick, but now it is my page in my husbands memory