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Climbing the Mountains of Life
I go through life following this stream,
Mountains to climb, wanting my dream.
Some are so hard to climb, I fall, and I cry,
But I'm a fighter, so I do try.

Sometimes, I think I just can't do it anymore,
But loved ones and friends hold open the door.
"Come on, you can make it" with love in their eyes,
I hear their words of care, yes, I do survive.

So many mountains of life to climb,
Made of hardship, cruelty, lots of tears.
But I have also been given wonderful times,
For I have family and friends who are very dear.

Someday---No more mountains, no more tears,
For true happiness will come, I know it's near.
So, I continue thru the mountains of life until it ends,
Loving the stream of family and caring friends.

Kelly 1


Thank you to all the friends who have cared. You all know who you are. Just so many friends on here, I probably would get kicked off for using too many pages to write the names. You all are wonderful, caring, loving, and just great! Again, thanks for the smiles, laughter, jokes, and words. "Luv you all"

Kelly 1

"Hoping you enjoy the sites that I have created!"

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