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Memorial Day, 2003,
What does this mean to you and to me?
Please let us remember men's lives who were lost.
In all the wars that were presented in which they fought.

There was World War 1 and World War 2,
Vietnam, and Desert Storm, just to name a few.
Our men of the U.S.A. fought for our freedom,
And we mustn't ever forget them for what they've done.

We have the wall of Vietnam with names of those that were lost,
Husbands, brothers, sons...lives ended at a great, great cost.
Tears have fallen, lives have changed, but let's not forget,
Memorial Day is for our guys and gals.....
Gone forever, and our wonderful Vets.

Let's remember all the soldiers who have given their lives,
whether in death or changes in their life,
They believed in our country, and fought with pride and no shame
Civil War, Spanish American War, Korean War...again a few to name
These were our guys, and let's remember them all with great acclaim.

So what does Memorial Day mean to you?
To me, its men and women I never knew.
But they fought for me to have freedom in this great USA,
Let's not forget them all on this Memorial Day.
(written by Kelly 1)

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Created on 05/25/02
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