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Help Me Make It Through The Night

Take the ribbon from my hair,
Shake it lose and let it fall,
Layin´ soft upon my skin,
Like the shadows on the wall.

Come and lay down by my side
Till the early morning light;
All I´m taking is your time,
Help me make it through the night.

I don´t care who´s right or wrong;
I don´t try to understand;
Let the devil take tomorrow;
Lord, tonight I need a friend:

Yesterday is dead and gone,
And tomorrow´s out of sight;
And it´s sad to be alone;
Help me make it through the night.

"Hoping you enjoy the sites that I have created!"


~To Our Son~

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This counter is incorrect. It saddens me that I was not told beforehand that it was going to be reset so that I could of logged the correct amount down and then added it to the amount below. I am just happy that so many have enjoyed my sites.....Thank you

Created 10/27/98
Updated 12/12/06