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This page was made a while back for a very special friend. Though we have parted and gone our separate ways, our friendship remains in memory and spirit. This is your page Cho and will always be. No one (wink) can ever remove it but me.

~To My Special Friend, Cho~

Friends we became, friends we still are,
As time goes by, our friendship goes far.
Your very special to me, that, I won't deny,
You gave me joy, laughter, & a shoulder to cry.

True friends are like gold, and you are mine,
Sharing our pain and happiness here on line.
Through thick or thin, in sadness and joy,
May we always remain, special friends always to enjoy.
Kelly 1



~To Our Son~

In our friendship, Cho & I made these two pages...Enjoy!

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updated 12/11/2006