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~To My Child~

From the day you were born, I always knew
When I couldn't be around, to be with you.
God told an angel to always stay by your side,
Protect you, and guide you through out your life.
Let no harm come to you, and fill you with love,
She is your guardian angel, beside you....and up above.
Kelly 1

This site is for all mothers & fathers, BUT especially
to a mother I have never met but heard alot about. She had this picture
hanging in her childrens room. She must of looked at it and smiled, and
maybe said a little prayer-- "please protect my babies". I hope she enjoys
this page as much as I enjoyed making it for her...

"Hoping you enjoy the sites that I've created!"


~To Our Son~

Made By Cho & Myself

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updated 12/11/06