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~To My Sister~

Dear "Charlie",

The memory and pain are still in my heart,
through no fault of your own.
You saw two people in need,
and by your side was Joe, so you were not alone.

Five years ago today, you never realized,
That by night, you would be an angel in God's home.
You would be joining Joe to be by your side.
So again, you were not alone

Charlie, your loved and missed so very much,
and if we only had known.
That your wonderful kindness,
Would leave us without you....feeling alone.

They say that time heals a grieving heart,
And maybe it will........someday.
Take care little have our hearts,
Someday we will all join you in God's home,
and we will all never, ever, be alone.
Your Sis,

It was 5 years ago, tonight,(Friday--August 27, 1994)
that my sister and her husband opened their door to strangers whose car was stuck in a sandy desert wash up the road. As always, Joe and my sister, lent a helping hand. Their hearts were good, always keeping 5 gallons of gas for anyone in need in that remote area just off Highway 40 before Kingman, Arizona. Joe left with them in my sister's 4 wheel drive to help them. As he knelt down to hook the chain to their car, they shot him in the back of the head 4 times leaving him there in the sand and the next day's hot desert temperatures. The two men then drove my sister's car back to her home, and took her life. They were caught, recieved the death sentence for a previous murder of another Good Samaritan who stopped to help them in Missouri, but now...5 years lator, the actual killer sits in the Kingman jail awaiting trial for my sister and her husbands murder. Yes, I'm angry at the justice system... shes gone forever... but will always remain in my heart.

UPDATE!!!!! 10/27/01

On October 26, 2001, this murderer finally went to trial, and was found GUILTY OF PREMEDITATED FIRST DEGREE MURDER in both deaths. Sentencing will be on January 17, 2002. Ironically, October 26, was my sisters birthday.

UPDATE!!!!! 2/1/02

Sentencing has been moved from January 17, to April 6, 2002 due to his rights with his lawyers trying to sway the judge from pronouncing a death sentence. I just wonder if it will be moved again from that date, maybe ironically he will get sentenced on her birthday again. (Sigh)

UPDATE!!!!! 05/22/02

Yep, another update. Now it has been moved to July 7, (Oh God will this ever end?). Due to technicalities and HIS rights that need to be heard, we must wait......AGAIN???

8 YEARS TODAY!!!!....8/27/2002 STILL NOTHING!!!

This man has been found guilty in Kingman, was sentenced to death 8 years ago in Missouri, but he sits here because the Supreme Court has decided that a judge cannot pass a verdict to life or death, though a jury, without a doubt, has found the man GUILTY. We must now wait till the Supreme Court quits fighting, and as it looks we may have to go through a new trial so that the jury can say guilty and then sentence him. In the mean time he has completed his GED (at taxpayers expense),,,,,,has lots of lawyers (at taxpayers expense),,,,,and psychologists (at taxpayers expense) trying to prove he is not mentally capable. But as I heard at the trial and will never, ever forget hearing how he shot my sister in the head and then turned her over to see the "meat" coming out the make sure she was dead.

Eight years now........WILL JUSTICE EVER BE DONE????

UPDATE (YEP, AGAIN)8/28/2008 Well here it is 14 years lator. Received a call 2 weeks ago informing me that a Aug.27 date had been set for Dennis Skillicorn execution...ironically same day she died just 14 years lator. Well, a week lator was informed that he got a stay until end of September due to his rights were violated and he didn't have enough time to collect signatures for clemency. So here we wait again, but more active now....signing petitions, participating in the MO. newspaper forums, and getting my message out there. Of course my sidekick, aka, my daughter is there by my side pushing hard too. We are tired of the lies that his wife tells and we are here to set the story straight. I've written to the govener requesting no more stays, no clemency, and set an execution date asap. Enough is enough!!! If you would like to sign the petition for no clemency, please go here: DO NOT GRANT CLEMENCY It would be greatly appreciated.

Peace be with you my little sister, I love you.

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August 27, 1999
Updated: August 28, 2008